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Space and Science


The universe explored through an extraordinary lens.


Everything NASA

Astronomers Without Borders

Boundaries vanish when we look skyward ONE PEOPLE, ONE SKY

Newton Observatory B&B

Hey stargazers! Vacation in beautiful British Columbia's Okanagan Valley and enjoy evening tours of the night sky with renowned amateur astronomer Jack Newton and his impressive observatory.

 Andy's Shot Glass

I highly recommend this site for beginning astronomers. Helpful 'how-tos', informative equipment descriptions, basics in astrophotography, collimating a Newtonian telescope, balancing equatorial mounts. Andy's site is dedicated to "astronomy and astrophotography for non-gazillionaires!"

The James Webb Space Telescope

Scheduled to launch 2014, the Webb Space Telescope, successor to Hubble Space Telescope, will help reveal answers to some of the biggest questions about our universe.

 'Exoplanet and Alien Solar Systems"

A must read for any one interested in exoplanets and where these discoveries are leading us. This is a book clinical enough for professionals but also written in a way that amateurs can enjoy.

A film by Timothy Ferris in which stargazers try to describe an ineffable experience, and invite viewers to share their wordless awe.

Mario John Borgatti Cosmic Art & Design

A delightful blog providing art and links of artists, musicians and authors.

High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment

If you like Mars, You'll love this site!

The 44 Closest Stars

A great webpage with info on the 44 closest stars. Young amateur astronomers will enjoy this.

 Figures in the Sky

"Same sky, different figures. How cultures across the world have seen their myths and legends in the stars." This is a great site for budding amateur astronomers.

Art Links

 Sandpoint Photo

The work of Sandpoint photographer Marie-Dominque Verdier.

Pigments Through the Ages

Learn about the history, manufacture, and technical details of the following pigments, all of which are some of the most historically important in art.

Wearable Art

Decorated Apparel.

Apparel decorated with the art of Lucy West!

Moon & Star Jewelry (more)

"From the Hearts of Space" - Hand crafted jewelry by artisan Jackie Taylor. Each piece is masterfully created to represent the constellations, moon and stars. Jackie's work is stunning and truly unique.

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