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T h e   F i n a l   F l i g h t  o f   A t l a n t i s

On July 8, 2011, my family and I had the pleasure of attending NASA's final launch of the space shuttle program. From the turn-basin at Kennedy Space Center, we watched Atlantis rise above launch pad 39A for her final mission. We were standing a mere 3.4 miles away from pad 39A, we were in awe. (Photo credit: Lucy West)

"3-2-1 -zero and Liftoff!..." ↑

"And liftoff, for the final liftoff of Atlantis!

On the shoulders of the space shuttle, America will continue the dream ..." ↑

"Atlantis roll - Houston." / "Roger roll - Atlantis" ↑

Atlantis roaring and soaring! ↑

Thick exhaust plume hanging in the air after launch.

Astrovan and Closeout Crew van sitting in foreground. ↑ 

Pad 39A post launch. ↑

 Pre launch: NASA chopper with armed protection surveying the area as the

Astrovan transports the astronauts to pad 39A. ↑ (Photo credit: Lorna West)

 Astrovan transporting STS-135 astronauts to pad 39A ↑

Post launch: Open VAB door revealing Crawler ↑

A close up peek at the Crawler ↑

Launch Control Center / Firing Room 4, (and one of my favorite buildings in the world!)

This video was taken by my stepson, Jesse Binnall, from his pad:   

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