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Here's a list of common questions about commissions, originals and prints:

How do I order an original painting?

Can I order a print size that isn't listed?

Can I order a print of an image that isn't shown on the website?

Here's comments on questions I often get asked:

Where did you train as an artist?

Why do you like using acrylics verses oils?

What sparked your astronomy interests?

How long have you been involved with astronomy?

What kind of telescope do you use?

How do you take images, like the ones from sent back by Hubble Space telescope, and turn them into bold abstracts?

How did I start  

About The Artist

Member of

International Association of

Astronomical Artists

You can also see Lucy's work at the following NASA sites:

Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory Operations

Lucy's work is also featured on

Discover Magazine by

@BadAstronomer - Phil Plait

'The Brush Strokes of Star Birth'

and featrued in Plait's

2012 Best Astronomy Images

posted in

Astronomer Without Borders


The Art of Space

Find Lucy's work featured in

Ron Miller's beautiful book,

"The Art of Space"

Tour the Gallery


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