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Concept Development & Commercial Graphics

 Conceptual illustrations for dynamic choreographed aerial-acrobatic show

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Client: Ric Birch

Project: Lotte World Theme Park, Seoul, South Korea

Concept: Proposed multi-media choreographed performance over an ice rink with three story viewing platform. 

 Above: Laser and multi-media intro.

Below: Acts 1,2,3,4, and Finale 

Medical Illustrations for Posters and Publications

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Client: Percussionaire Corporation, owner Dr, Forrest M. Bird /

Project: Medical illustrations and layout for educational/advertising medical posters and publications.

Clinical poster for Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation/ Therapeutic Lung Recruitment

Illustrations of alveolar sacs, progression of IPV (Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation) treatment.

Above: Page #27 of "Respiratory Care and Sleep Medicine", November 2011 issue. This is a full page ad generated for Percussionaire Corporation illustrating Therapeutic Lung Recruitment by means of Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation, devices and treatment created by Dr. Forrest Bird.

Above: Medical publication including Percussionaire Corp. full page ad as seen in image above.

Link to complete digital online publication.

"C a p t u r i n g T h e L i g h t"

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A documentary film by Frank Longo

Below are storyboards and illustrations used in the creation of Longo's documentary film. These illustrations helped in the telling of the true story of Dorothy Izatt's experiences of interacting and filming light phenomenon for over 30 years. Longo discussed with me which experiences he wanted to convey in the film. I had the wonderful and unique opportunity to meet Dorothy and heard her accounts firsthand.

      Above: Dorothy is awakened by three strange visitors.  

Above: Three men suddenly appear entering through a wall from a blast of bright light.

 Above: Three men appear in Dorothy's home and speak to her.

   Above: Dorothy senses a strange presence, a sudden breeze fills the room and blows the candle flame.

Below: Rapid repetitive sequencing between the two sketches.  

         Chakra illustrations generated for Tripura Yoga 


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