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      Bechtel National Planetarium Opening at Columbia Basin College  


Bechtel National Planetarium

 Columbia Basin College, Pasco WA.

Dec. 4 & 5, 2012 

CBC's SciDome, a high definition XD Spitz planetarium, has the highest quality imaging system in today's industry giving observers an impressive amphitheater wrap-around seating for an excellent viewing experience.

The dome can also simulate IMAX-like theater porjections and allows for a variety of educational opportunities. This facility will be used for teaching astronomy, history, biology, physics, and geology. 

This state of the art facility was achieved by the dedication of people and organizations like Rich Cummings/CBC President, Mike Durst /Planetarium Director, The CBC Foundation Board of Directors, the Community Enrichment Foundation, CBC Board of Trustees, Frank Russo/Bechtel Project Director, students and many astronomers and CBC supporters. The planetarium opened its doors to the public December 4th, 2012, and certainly has great promises in providing wonderful opportunities for today's curious minds and the minds of our future generations.



     Charlie Duke - Apollo 16 Astronaut

  Story Musgrave - Shuttle Astronaut 

       John Phillips - Shuttle Astronaut     Jeffrey Roth - Filmmaker                Mike Joner - Research Astronomer

   Lucy West - Space Artist                  

      Hulan Fleming - Space Artist                 


                                                  Photo Gallery

Left to Right: (Front row) Dave Retter, Mike Durst, Jeffery Roth, Charlie Duke, Rich Cummings, Eric Clements, Story Musgrave; (back row) Karl Olson, Frank Russo 
Above photo: Charlie Duke speaking at CBC's planetarium ribbon cutting. 
 Above Photo: Mike Durst, Planetarium Director.
Above photo: Story Musgrave and Rich Cummings 
Above photo: Charlie Duke speaks with future astronauts!  
Above photo: Mike Durst and Charlie Duke
Above photo: Story Musgrave and John Phillips first time introductions.

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