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Lucy West Art

The Transcendent Spirit Gallery

Transformed / 2017

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Transformed / 2017
SOLD / $2,500 / Acrylic on canvas 30" x 40". Description: A broken heart can literally feel as if it has been fractured then shattered into a million pieces. The jutting spires of brokenness can tower to heights of impassable proportions, blocking the light of much needed insight and direction. The experience is so distorting, it can seem to dislodge, transport, and abandon you to an otherworldly wilderness without a map to navigate the way out. Loss, grief, sorrow, worry, suffering, all can cause such monstrous ramifications. From these deep innermost canyons of suffering, we can encounter parts of ourselves that are discouragingly uncomfortable, parts that invariably disappoint, parts that demand isolation, parts that scream for anything other than the pain that has imprisoned the spirit, parts that go numb to living. But the human spirit is, by nature, resilient, and the harshest imposed paths can remarkably awaken the warrior within...where a profound inner strength is revealed, a strength powerful enough to battle even the darkest depths of conflict and struggle. The mere act of holding on, of fighting back if even a little, of taking some perceived small action, even the act of acceptance, can facilitate forward momentum. And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, a single moment of clarity arrives that grants hope to blossom...and with gratitude, the climb toward healing begins. From minuscule to massive, life experiences transform us all, but I believe it us up to each one of us to determine what shape that transformation will become, and in turn, what destiny can be realized.
Posted on December 6, 2017