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Epiphany in Light / 2014 (title credit David Braun)

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Epiphany in Light / 2014 (title credit David Braun)
SOLD / Private commission / 48" x 36" Acrylic on canvas / Prints available. Description by David Braun: "EPIPHANY OF LIGHT by Lucy West, depicts the first moments of a proto-star emerging from its cosmic womb. After gestating 10 million years in the nebula, the glowing proto-star reached a temperature high enough to achieve nuclear fusion. This fusion produced enough heat and radiant energy to surpass the event horizon set by the ever tightening grip of its self-generated gravitational force. This birth is not a gentle or passive event- it is a catastrophic and invasive burst of energy. The impact can be felt, as well as seen in Lucy's interpretation of the radiant white light plunging through the darkness of space and the powerful solar winds scattering the surrounding nebulae. This birth is the beginning of a solar system taking its rightful place in the galaxy. This colossal event will be explained by some as a chance happening in a dynamic universe. Others, will view this as a miracle, void of chance. From a philosophical point of view, the correct answer lies within ourselves. For thousands of years, the human race has been looking upward in search of a deeper understanding of itself. This star's story contains observations of the interactions of time, matter, and energy which occurred in a single point of space, spanning 10 million years. An understanding of these interactions from the first gravitational pull on dust particles and gasses, to nuclear fusion, to the final exploding birth of a star provides exciting insights into the cosmos not available to our ancestors. Lucy has captured all of this on canvas in a powerful representation of a single moment of stellar birth. Perhaps a pondering of these new insights will provide you with the epiphany into the cosmos and yourself you have been searching for." Copyright 2014 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for information regarding image use.
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