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Embers of Exploration and Enlightenment / 2014 (title credit Roger Weiss)

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Embers of Exploration and Enlightenment / 2014 (title credit Roger Weiss)
SOLD / Original $2,700 / 20" x 30" acrylic on canvas / Prints available. Description: With thoughts of our origins, our ancient ancestors surface in my mind. I imagine these earliest people gathered around campfires, their brightening minds looking up and investigate the night sky. I consider what they can not yet know, that a great arm of a swirling galaxy cradles their world. Though they can't see the immensity of its starry reach across the black space of the heavens, they can detect small evidences of its presence and sense its embrace, as if floating within the soft light of Life's cosmic womb. They discern patterns in the points of light hovering overhead, and create stories, myths and gods to explain what they see. From generation to generation these stories are passed down and morph into a labyrinth of interpretations and beliefs. And as epochs pass, they become us, modern man, and the refined tools of observation and technology will allow our eyes to peer through light years of distances beyond myth and folklore, beyond the boundaries of our home world, and introduce a tapestry of comprehension to explore. We will discover our place within a solar system within a galaxy. We will learn how to calculate astronomical distances between the stars. We will discover gamma ray bursts, distant worlds and stars being born. We will discover the universe. Its remarkable to me that these earliest investigations eventually led to our species engineering pivotal things like powerful engines that launch technologies and humans into space. I traveled from ancient campfires and curiosities to now, an extraordinary period in history marking humankind's remarkable rise in knowledge and accomplishments. From a genetic point of view, considering that within each of us bits of our earliest ancestors still live on, I find a poetic ending to this tale...that in a sense, they can now truly understand so much of what they pondered so long ago. © 2014 Lucy West. Contact Lucy West for information regarding image use.
Posted on April 25, 2014

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