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Lucy West Art

Space Art Gallery

Origins / 2011

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Origins / 2011
NFS (Acrylic on canvas 20" x 30" ) Prints available. Featured in Ron Miller's celebrated book, "The Art of Space". Featured on NASA Ames Research Center website / Kepler Mission. Featured in Sandpoint Magazine - Winter 2013. Description: Life. How did it begin? When did it begin? Where did it begin? These ageless questions have beckoned human attention for eons in hopes of unveiling how and why we came into existence. Since humanity first stepped out of the African Savannas, we have searched to understand our place and purpose in our world and the universe. Thousands of generations of philosophical and scientific explorations have carried us further and further across a cosmic bridge spanning a familiar home planet to deeper understandings and cosmological discoveries. By reaching out to comprehend the stars, we come full circle and learn that everything in the known universe, including us curious humans, is made of recycled star stuff. When I ponder that, I see in my mind's eye a romantic depiction of DNA ingredients streaming from our own sun's massive coronal eruptions and arriving on Earth to transform and evolve into walking, breathing, thinking life. Our technological breakthroughs reveal the elegant building blocks of a fractal universe and shed light-years of understanding of how most things great and small employ similar structural shapes, elements and compositions. As technology evolves in sophistication, humankind will continue to use an inherent drive to explore deeper into the cosmos, enabling more answers to come into focus and possibly bring us closer to unearthing our own remarkable origins. Copyright 2011 Lucy West / All Rights Reserved. Contact Lucy West for information regarding image use.
Posted on September 15, 2011