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L  U  C  Y    W  E  S  T    S  T  U  D  I  O  S

F I N E   A R T   C O M M I S S I O N S  / 

Visit Lucy's work at these upcoming Events and Exhibits:


P A E F E S T   2 0 1 7


Meet astronauts, moonwalkers, shuttle pilots, flight controllers, 

NASA and ESA scientists, space historians, leaders in commercial space development

and the artists that are envisioning past, present and future explorations.

SPACEFEST is THE event for space enthusiasts of any stripe – 

Astronomy, Human Space Exploration, Robotic Space Exploration, 
Commercial Space Development or Space History Enthusiast. 
For the Professional and Amateur.

June 8 2017

Starr Pass Resort, Tucson AZ


Photo: Spacefest 2016 Artist: Front row left to right - Michael Carroll, Lucy West, Nicole Stott,

Pamela Lee, Marilyn Fylnn, Michelle Rouche, Ron Garan, Chris Calle, Bill Hartman, Ron Woods

Back row left to right - Douglas Shrock, Chris Starr, Earl Bullock, Simon Kreg, Doug Forrest, Dave Ginsberg


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February 23, 2017, Tucson AZ

Lucy's work has been selected for permanent display

at the World View Space Port facility. 



University of Arizona 

Museum of Art

Feb 13 through March 12, 2017

UAMA has selected the winners of The Art of Planetary Science 2017 for a special exhibit. Lucy's work titled "Exploring Triton" placed 3rd in the Science Data Art category and is included in this collection.   

For info and directions go to UAMA website: http://artmuseum.arizona.edu




Lucy's art will be on exhibit at

Overbluff Cellars Tasting Room

for the month of September.


48th Annual Division of Planetary Science Congress

DPS 48 / EPSC11

October 16-21

Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA  


                                  S P A C E F E S T  V I I  

June 9-12, 2016

Star Pass Resort, Tucson, AZ.


~ Spacefest is THE event for space enthusiasts of any stripe ~ 



 Astronauts, Astronomers, Scientists, Physicists, Engineers, Authors and Artists

involved in past, present and future Space Exploration.

Astronomy, Manned Space Exploration, Robotic Space Exploration,

Commercial Space Development or Space History Enthusiast.

For the Professional and Amateur.




                 Exhibit: "Other Worlds, Other Stories"

Opening Reception 6pm - 8pm / January 9, 2016

Washington Project for the Arts

2124 8th Street NW 

Washington, DC 20001



Other Worlds, Other Stories features the work of ten contemporary artists from the District and elsewhere who use the trope of space exploration as though it was a funhouse mirror—casting unfamiliar reflections on American dreams of escape, conquest, and adventure. The artworks range from traditional painted images of distant worlds; to works of historical fiction illustrated with digital photography and collage; to interactive live performances in a test kitchen for astronauts. Together, they open a conversation about the heady intermingling of fantasy, art, and science that kicked off the space race in the twentieth century and still defines the U.S. space program today.

Exhibited artists include: Adam Fung, Felipe Goncalves, Gray Lamb, Casey Johnson, Heidi Neilson and Douglas Paulson, Roxana Pérez-Méndez, Jefferson Pinder, Michael A. Robinson, Steve Strawn, and Lucy West. 


                           Festival at Sandpoint Poster Art Unveiling!

Standpoint celebrates the unveiling of the 2015 Festival at Sandpoint poster art!


July 16, 2015



                             Space and Light Exhibit

November 14 - December 30, 2014

Opening Gala November 14, 2014  - 7pm to 10pm 


Directions: City Council Ward, 3202 E. First Street, Tucson, AZ 





                           SPACEFEST VI - 2014

May 8 - 11, 2014 / Pasadena Civic Center

Pasadena, Ca.   

For more information go to: http://www.spacefest.info/VI/Over.html 









                             SPACEFEST V  2013



· Link to  Spacefest IV, 2012 



· Link to Columbia Basin College Planetarium Dedication 2012 




· Link to Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Launch 2011




About The Artist


Member of

International Association of

Astronomical Artists


You can also see Lucy's work at the following NASA sites:



Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory Operations



Lucy's work is also featured on

Discover Magazine by

@BadAstronomer - Phil Plait

'The Brush Strokes of Star Birth'

and featrued in Plait's

2012 Best Astronomy Images

posted in SLATE.com


Astronomer Without Borders 


The Art of Space

Find Lucy's work featured in 

Ron Miller's beautiful book,

"The Art of Space"

Tour the Gallery



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